rocky 1, round 14

In David Goggin’s new book, “Can’t Hurt Me”, he describes Round 14 of Rocky 1 being his favorite scene of any movie and one that continues to motivate him still today.

Watch here:  Rocky 1 

Goggins wrote that he especially loved the look of disbelief and awe on Apollo Creed’s face after the round when Creed thought / hoped he won by knockout only to turn around to see Rocky, barely alive, but pulling himself up and finally when standing, motioning to Apollo to “bring it on”.

Goggins writes that he tries to model Rocky’s resilience in that Apollo Creed fight, especially in Round 14, where Rocky made the statement with his effort that Apollo can keep knocking him down, but when he gets up (and he will), he’s coming for you.  He’s always coming for you.