thank you matt

My close buddy Matt surprised me with a YouTube documentary last weekend of a recent trail race we did together.

Though he’s a father of two, a full-time firefighter / paramedic, and is juggling many other more important personal tasks, he still found time to create a documentary.  And this was the first video he’s ever edited.

There are friends and then there’s Matt.  He’s been by my side through many important life events (including two trips to Leadville, 1 failed attempt in 2017 and this year).  And even though I should be the one thanking him for taking time away from his family to help me with a selfish and personal goal, he spends 100 hours to learn how and then create a professional quality video that I can turn on and re-experience that day for the rest of my life.

Matt’s a special friend.  I’m lucky to know him and I’m a better human because of him.

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