Dive bars were my preferred hang out with buddies spot in my twenties. I liked dives because they were quiet enough to talk without yelling and because they served cold beer.  Combine the beer with the setting and it was a perfect medium for what was then a weekly catch up that usually covered dating life, work life, current events, dreams, etc.

I still love dive bars for the same reason but as a dad of two under two, my time for beers with buddies in that capacity has been constrained significantly (most of my buddies face similar issues making group hangouts nearly impossible).  Naturally emerging in it’s place are collaborative projects / events with one or more buddies and while different, these projects provide similar benefits as the dive bar did as it gives me the opportunity to connect with friend(s) on a regular basis.

Group projects to date have included:

  • 2 clothing brand projects (1 failed, 1 in process)
  • Reading same book (Siddhartha – read, The Hero With A Thousand Faces – start soon)
  • Competing in same sports event (triathlon in 2008 & 2015, trail run in 2017 & 2018)
  • Improving nutrition (current)
  • Learning to grill (current)

The quantity of friends has diminished since the dive bar days but the quality of the friendships I do have has increased materially.  And these projects have been a catalyst.

Note:  “splendids” is the name of the clothing brand my buddy and I are working on and this blog’s logo (of the salmon-colored stegosaurus) is the splendids’ logo.