authentic support

Last week, and after months of planning, I helped host an event for an organization and cause I’m passionate about.  In the hour leading up to the event (panel style interview live-streamed on social media), I reached out to my wife to let her know about event and remind her to tune in.  But she was already tuned in.  In a way only special people in your life tune in.  Or maybe just special person.  I checked my phone five minutes after I texted her to see if the live feed was up on social and to remind the internet to tune in (i have 72 twitter followers btw so my reach is somewhat limited but…) and not only was she tuned in but she:

  • forwarded the live stream link to all her friends with a sweet message overstating my role and demanding that her friends log on (she’s never on Facebook)
  • sent multiple text messages to my family and her family rallying the troops to check it out
  • texted to say how exciting the event looked and that she pulled off the highway on her commute home to watch
  • made a comment about a random part of the interview toward the end that she would only know if she listened

The event was fulfilling and amazing and all of that but I’m not writing to talk about the event.  The reason the event was extra meaningful was because of the authentic support I had from my wife.  She was 100% engaged in what I was doing in a way where I could feel the love and support the next day (and even a week later).  Pretty cool.

I hope I can be as selfless and as excited and as focused on something she’s into as she was for me last week.  I think we often don’t realize the profound positive impact that type of focused and genuine support can have on someone else.

Thank you JL!

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