18 year email project

My buddy Steve told me shortly after my daughter was born about the email account he set up for his daughter and his routine of sending her letters once a month since birth.  I’ve taken that advice and have emailed my eldest daughter (now 22 months old) on average once per month.  I started sending notes to my youngest daughter (now 5 months) last week.  In order to maintain regularity, I try to write without a specific purpose, just sharing stories and first words and activities we’ve shared since last note.  I add pictures and links to youtube videos for songs I like.  I made a rule to never edit it after so it’s authentic to my feelings at that time.

Thanks Steve, I think this journal via email will be a memorable gift for my daughters, my wife, and me as it will be a tool we can use to tap into old memories and bring them back to life.

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