tunnel hill 100: a tribute to my crew

Tunnel Hill 100: A Tribute to My CrewTunnel Hill

November 11, 2017

  • Results: 22:51 (first 100 complete, 2nd attempt); average pace: 13:42; 10:00 (50 mile split, 5th attempt, PR); average pace: 12:00

Dear Jenny, Miana, Al, and Jerry(my crew / pacer):

I’ve read articles and listened to podcasts about the importance of the crew / pacers for distance trail running but until Saturday, they were just sound bites.

Because of your help, I achieved a multi-year goal and a result that only two months ago, I didn’t believe was possible (completing my first 100 mile run). And most importantly, this experience will provide lessons that will be useful not only in running but also in life.

From Jenny’s endurance in the cold while 8 months pregnant, to Jerry’s constant focus on my nutrition and well being, to Al’s guidance on mental strategy for running through darkness, to Miana’s relentless approach to ensure I leave nothing on the trail, your world class support was nothing short of beautiful.

Words will fall short in my attempt to articulate my gratitude. So I’ll end it with Jerry’s words shortly after crossing the finish line. “We’re a family now.”

Yes we are.

Can’t wait to return the favor soon.

Much love,


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